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On occasion we like to share with our customers the benefits of drinking coffee and some of the different ways you can have coffee at your office. Over the years the Gourmet Coffee Company has been asked by our customers who love to drink coffee what some of the options are when making coffee early in the morning. Well, we would like to dedicate this post today by sharing with our readers the different ways they can make coffee in their home or their office.

Different Types of Coffee

One way to make coffee is the: Coffee Latte-coffee latte is simply foam, plenty of milk and an espresso poured in to a coffee cup. This is definately on of our customers favorite and a drink they really enjoy making on our coffee machines.

Another way to make coffee is the: Coffee Mocha-this requires whip cream, milk, chocolate syrup and espresso. Why should you have to go to a high priced coffee houses when you can make a Coffee Mocha with one of our coffee machines in an instant.

A real popular one is the: Cappuccino-the Cappuccuino is probably one of the most popular but easy to make. You simply make plenty of foam, milk and espresso. This type of delciuos coffee is one of the best tasting and an easy one to make with our coffee machines.

If you dont have a coffee machine for your business or office, call us today and let us help you get the most for your money through our customized, high grade, inexpensive coffee machine.

Fun Fact: Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world (second to oil)

Have a great day!