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CX3 Touch Barista Brewer

Freshly ground coffee is filtered through paper so the extraction process is optimized
98 preset recipes – coffee, espresso, mochaccinos, cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolate, teas, etc.
Multiple brewing strengths and a variety of cup sizes
Multiple brewing strengths and various cup sizes, so you can customize your hot beverage to your liking.
60 seconds per brew
9 automatic recipe buttons.
Pods are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Dimensions: 19.4″w x 17.8”h x 19.3”d

Description: Finally and environmentally friendly brewer that gives the user every option available. All coffee pods are biodegradable and compo-stable. Over 100 coffee options available a variety of teas as well. Attractive Touch screen makes brewing easy. Ideal for offices with over 50 employees.

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Would you like to try, before you buy? We offer a FREE product demo at your office and we bring coffee, donuts and free pastries for you and your team just so you can get firsthand experience with our service. We promise that if you invite us to your office, you’re going to love our service!

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